First, if taking an exam do the following:

  • Get a normal night's rest (preferably 8 hours of sleep)
  • If taking any prescribed medication, take all as prescribed
  • Eat meals and drink as you would ordinarily .
  • Plan for at least 3 hours with Rick.  Do not make plans for after the exam that might keep you pre-occupied.  Rick will need your undivided attention.  Remember this is your test.

     If you are taking a polygraph with Hobgood Polygraph Services, your polygraph examination is a  well orchestrated  procedure administered by Rick Hobgood.

     Upon arrival for one's examination, you will be met by Rick.  Rick understands that undergoing a polygraph examination is a stressful and anxiety producing event.  He will spend time to ensure you understand the procedure and steps that will be taken during the polygraph examination.   Rick will provide you with an overview of exactly what to expect.  This will include executing the appropriate consent forms, discussing the purpose of your polygraph, obtaining background information, an explanation on how polygraph works, a demonstration test, and a discussion of all questions to be asked during the examination.  Rick will then collect  physiological data while posing the pre-reviewed questions for the exam.  Following the examination, Rick will evaluate the charts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Additional Information:

How much does it cost?  Please contact Rick by telephone or email for rates, as they depend upon the type of exam, location, number of issues to test,  etc.   A deposit may be required prior to the exam and full payment must be made prior to the exam.

How soon can I get a test done? Please call or  email or call to schedule an appointment.  Bottom line, you will talk to Rick personally before any appointment is scheduled.

How many questions can be asked in a polygraph?  It is best to focus on a single issue.  The fewer the questions and issues, the better the focus on important issues and accuracy.  The exam will consist of several types of questions prepared by the examiner, which will be reviewed with the examinee prior to testing.

 What if I’m nervous? The examiner will assess your suitability for the exam before testing begins.  The polygraph records changes in baseline, which isn’t affected by nervousness or other personality traits.  After reviewing the issues, questions, and procedures, most people are quite comfortable in taking the exam.  It is normal and acceptable to feel somewhat anxious before and during the exam.

 Where will the exam take place? Rick has an office in Kennesaw, Georgia.  Under certain circumstances, the examiner is also available to travel to conduct exams if necessary and coordinated beforehand.

Is Mr. Hobgood qualified to conduct my examination?  Yes, he has received the best polygraph training available and has the necessary experience as a former FBI polygraph examiner.  (See bio page for further qualifications.)

 Can I change my mind about taking the test at any time?  Yes, your test will be entirely voluntary and you may terminate the test at any time or decline to answer any question(s). 

 Will my results be confidential?  Yes, only the examinee and/or requestor will receive the polygraph results, unless they are requested pursuant to a subpoena or court order.

 Will I get a copy of the polygraph charts?  No, the actual charts will not be released unless requested pursuant to a subpoena or court order.

 Will the process be explained to me?  Yes, each step of the polygraph process will be explained in full detail prior to beginning the actual test.

 Will I know the questions being asked before I take the test?  Yes, all questions will be reviewed prior to beginning the test.

 Will I receive a “practice test?  Yes, each examinee will be administered an acquaintance test to familiarize him/her with the polygraph process and components.

 How long will the polygraph take?  Please allow a minimum of two or three hours for the entire polygraph exam to be conducted, which includes the pre-test, in-test, and post-test phases of the examination.

 Can I have someone “sit in” on the test?  No, only the examiner and examinee can be in the polygraph room during testing.

 How long will it take to get the results?  You will receive final results and a written report within approximately 5 business days maximum; however, test results are usually provided within 24 hours.

 How can I pay for my polygraph exam?  Cash or credit card.  

 Why isn’t polygraph admissible in court?  Actually, it is admissible in many states, and when both the prosecution and defense stipulate, or agree, upon it.  Defense attorneys may use polygraph to ascertain the veracity of a defendant’s information prior to going to trial to avoid him/her committing perjury.  Prosecutors may use polygraph to weigh options in charges filed, sentencing, plea bargains, etc.

 What is your refund policy?  If an examinee cancels more than 24 hours before the exam, a full refund will be given.
If the cancellation is within 24 hours of the examination, a 50% refund will be given. “No-shows” or cancellations during the test will be charged at the full rate. No refunds will be made after testing has been completed. Full payment by cash or credit card is required before each examination.

How to prepare for your polygraph examination? Get a full night's sleep (whatever is “normal” for you).  Try not to come after a long day at work or after fighting traffic, as this may make you feel tired, rushed, inattentive, or overly nervous. Allow sufficient time to travel to the examination site without hurry or stress. Take prescribed medications as you normally would, bring a list of medications you take if you do not have them memorized. Do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs before the exam. Do not skip a meal prior to your polygraph examination. Wear comfortable clothing without thick sleeves (to allow a blood pressure cuff to be placed on your upper arm). Listen carefully to your examiner and follow his directions for best results. Do not attempt to help yourself or “beat” the polygraph exam (employ “countermeasures”).  They are easily detected and will only create “Inconclusive or “No Opinion” results.
Please turn off your cellphone prior to entering the polygraph room to avoid distractions or interruptions during the examination.
Sit very still during the actual polygraph examination.  It only takes 2-3 minutes to collect each chart.